Spectator Information

Cheer Zones

Need to find a spot to watch your runner? We have several great cheer zone locations where you can cheer your runner on April 22, 2018. Locations are listed below and displayed on our interactive map below.

  • Cedar Beech Park
  • Martin Luther King Boulevard
  • Bogert’s Bridge, Lehigh Parkway
  • J. Birney Crum Stadium

Spectator Buses

The St. Luke’s Half Marathon is the only event that we know of that offers free spectator buses that take fans to various cheer zone locations throughout the half marathon course. The buses are free and will be parked in front of W. Allen High School on 17th Street at the start of the race. Once the races begin the buses will being transporting fans. The buses operate on a continuous loop delivering fans to cheer zones located at Martin Luther King Boulevard, Bogert’s Bridge and J. Birney Crum Stadium.

The final bus will begin its loop at 10:00 AM. If fans do not board the final bus they will need to find their own way back to the stadium.